Slip into your own little world as you unwind with a soothing massage. We have many to pick from, with the Fusion Massage

being our most popular.



swedish massage.

deep tissue massage.

Swedish Massage uses a light to

medium pressure. A combination of

kneading and using long smooth

strokes relaxes the body & mind, improves

your circulation, and loosen muscles.

Deep Tissue massage is effective

due to slower, stronger pressure.

Focusing on knots and tension, this

massage will noticeably loosen

muscles, alleviate pain and

possibly increase mobility.

30 min: $50


60 min: $80


90 min: $110

30 min: $60


60 min: $90


90 min: $125


hot stone massage.



Reflexology is done on the hands

and feet and helps to alleviate

stress using pressure points that

coincide with your internal organs.

This massage is very beneficial to

your health and well-being!

30 min: $40


60 min: $75

Heated stones combined with

Swedish Massage brings penetrating

warmth & deep relaxation to muscle

tissue. Smooth warm stones are

placed carefully on your body’s

pressure points to relieve tension and

stress. The heat helps tight

muscles release.

60 min: $85


prenatal massage.


fusion massage.

Our most popular massage! Relax

and drift away with a massage catered

to your needs. This massage will melt

away tension & ease your mind, body

& soul. A combination of Swedish

& Deep Tissue techniques fused with

heat therapy. The heated stones &

essential oils will send

you into deep relaxation.

Expectant moms experience

unique physical and emotional

changes. Prenatal massage can offer

a wide range of benefits: helps

reduce swelling, eases headaches,

backaches, improves digestion, and

helps stabilize hormone

levels by lessening anxiety.

Using soothing strokes will help

to relax & improve circulation

for the deserving Mommy to be.

60 min: $100


90 min: $130

30 min: $60


60 min: $90


Spend an hour with that special one in your life, with your best friend

or make it a sisters day. Relax with a complimentary glass of wine

or juice and create those memories that will last a lifetime.

You will emerge physically and emotionally a new person when you leave.

couples swedish massage



couples deep tissue massage



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